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I actually saw the feature on ET last night. This is great publicity for Days and I was shocked and happy to see it. I hope it continues and they do some good summer advertising. Maybe they could do another special summer promo like they did last year. I know it was cheesy but I thought it did what it was supposed to do. i just hope they go back to longer promos and up the promotion aspect because the show can continue to do even better if it does. When was the last time we saw a feature like this for a soap? I can't remember the last time ET or any of the entertainment shows did something like this for Days or any other soap. Afterall, this is only a photo shoot. It's not like something big is going down so this is a pretty big deal getting ET to cover something like this.

This was nice to see and I can't wait to see where the photos from the shoot turn up. It seems like there is a serious effort to make the show succeed. This photo shoot looked similar to the recent one with Dr. Baker, Mia, and Nicole. I like it. Jay and Shelley look great in the hot tub and Molly looks amazing. Days should dress Melanie and do her hair the way she is in this video because she looks so much older and sophisticated. It would definitely help with those who have a problem with her look and age. I love how Jay mentioned having Ben and Jerry's and how them getting naked may mean more viewers LOL.

They all looked great and I'm glad the show thinks this is a big deal. I like this triangle. I'm going for Philip and Stephanie but I do find Philip and Melanie interesting. There is a dynamic there that is intriguing. I'm just happy to see it promoted and hope they continue to promote the show as much as possible, especially on venues like ET. The more promotion and the more widespread and expansive, the better.
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