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LOL. I was referring to EJ, not Stefano. EJ is an attempted murderer, liar, and all of those other things, and he is around all kinds of children. If your come back is that he has changed and is a wonderful father, well, bah! Screaming at Nicole in front of the baby? Plotting revenge on an innocent man? Please.
Nicole loves Sydney, and has taken very good care of her. If it were not for Nicole, Sydney would have been left for presumably months (since Sami said Grace was sitting up at the convent) with the nuns and occasional visits from Sami and Rafe. Nicole brought Sydney home to her father, and has loved and cherished that baby. I believe that Sami loves her children, like I said, I am a Sami fan. Nicole stole a baby and passed her off as her own AND HER FATHER'S. Sami stole a baby and SOLD HER on the black market. Her OWN sister!! So please don't try to convince me that Nicole bringing that baby into a loving home to be raised by two people who love her and each other and actually want to be a family, is worse than anything Sami has ever done. Nicole has done some jacked up stuff in her past, but I think this is far from being as malicious. Nicole, Sami, and EJ are three people who, in the real world, would be equally unfit to be anywhere near anybody's children.

Unforatunately, when arguments arrise between mothers and fathers they tend to raise their voice unaware of the child/children in the room. You get so filled up with emotions you're oblivious to the people or children around you.

She only brought Sydney home because she thought without a baby there would be no EJ. Being Sydney is EJ's biological daughter it would be easier for her to pass off Sydney than Grace. She doesn't love Sydney. As Sami put it Sydney is just a tool to her in the I hate Sami war.

I agree with your last sentence though.

I just despise the character of Nicole and can't seem to watch when DOOL airs (past 6 months and still counting) the Nicole show. JMHO
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