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Streetcorner Philosopher

Apr 13 2009, 02:25 PM
I'm very happy for Rafe to be with someone else, besides Sami and the Sisters, that he knows in town, whatever the relationship.
Out of curiosity- why? I'm not trying to be sarcastic or rude, but I thoroughly do not understand how Rafe has any fans. The only explanations I can come up with is it's lingering fans of Luis from Passions and/or that Gering is really attractive to look at (which I think is a totally valid reason for liking a character from a soap opera). But there's too much devotion for it to be just that, I would think.

And y'all should have some faith! Maybe New Girl won't be like Willow or Morgan or Melanie. If she is, well, she'll only eat the show for a few months before disappearing.

I was actually hoping that "gets around" meant "dirty slut," because I think Days has a pretty better track record when female characters come in a bit on the slutty side. Or when they're quickly revealed to have been whores in the past.
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