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Apr 13 2009, 04:39 PM
Apr 13 2009, 02:25 PM
I'm very happy for Rafe to be with someone else, besides Sami and the Sisters, that he knows in town, whatever the relationship.
Out of curiosity- why? I'm not trying to be sarcastic or rude, but I thoroughly do not understand how Rafe has any fans. The only explanations I can come up with is it's lingering fans of Luis from Passions and/or that Gering is really attractive to look at (which I think is a totally valid reason for liking a character from a soap opera). But there's too much devotion for it to be just that, I would think.

And y'all should have some faith! Maybe New Girl won't be like Willow or Morgan or Melanie. If she is, well, she'll only eat the show for a few months before disappearing.

I was actually hoping that "gets around" meant "dirty slut," because I think Days has a pretty better track record when female characters come in a bit on the slutty side. Or when they're quickly revealed to have been whores in the past.
I have no problem explaining why Rafe is a fan favorite. Rafe's phase 1 was a tall, dark, handsome, man with a professional career that helped to rescue Sami. His personality is unlike that of Lucas (who was moving on with Chloe) or EJ (who was moving on with Nicole) and was a new dynamic for Sami to evolve as a character. Rafe plays by the book (for the most part) and isn't a DiMera.
We don't yet have Rafe's phase 2 complete, he is now a Sami love interest and has had some really good scenes with Will, but Sami seems determined to tell EJ about Grace and that will disturb the core of what their relationship formed around. I think they have a couple of opportunities to incorporate him into Salem in the works, but adding a new character that knows him will give us more information about where they are going with his character.
As for Arianna, the new girl, I'm not trying to form any kind of image for her about her past or future. She could be a sister, cousin, ex-wife, former lover, recent ex girlfriend, friend, etc., I warmly welcome her as a new cast member!
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