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Apr 14 2009, 09:38 PM
Apr 13 2009, 06:49 PM
I have no problem explaining why Rafe is a fan favorite.
Thanks for that.

I get that people have different tastes, and I accept that (reluctantly, of course, because like everyone else my personal opinion is the correct one). I just like to try and understand where people are coming from, because to me the whole Rafe setup (witness protection) was so contrived, shallow, and lazy that I can't get behind his character. I'm not coming from a particular rival fanbase, either- I'm kind of done with Sami and her romantic entanglements at this point, though I was once a Lucas/Sami fan. So my question about understanding was just curiosity.
Px780, I apologize if I went more in depth. I actually agree with you that the Safe story had less strength than I thought it could have, I wouldn't use the same adjectives, but I knew it was all out curiousity. I totally respect that your point of view.
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