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Red Mist
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Ooooo I eagerly await the climactic reveal, in which Lexie will be forced to tell Stephano that he can no longer have his cake and eat it to....unless of course that cake is sugar-less!.......Golly, this show is lame!

This show's down fall will be like that of passions....Anticlimactic! Every fan needs a payoff in a sl to keep them tuning into the next. No one wants to be bored and when you drag things out that is what your fans get....BORED!

We all want the climax....seriously, don't arouse my interest only to deny me the Climax I crave. Sex minus a climax is lousey! Are you going to hop into bed with a lover who can't finish the job?...Cause I sure as hell am not!...As a matter of fact I don't think I am willing to tune into a show that fails to do the job...No way!

These stupid tid bits that belong in a very special episode on a sitcom in the 80's are not going to hold the interest of many. And from what we saw in the sweeps preview SWEEPS is very un-sweep like in May....This show is dying a slow and painfilled death at the hands of Higley and Tomlin.

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