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Apr 15 2009, 01:26 AM
Actually, they can when there is no creative interference.

The autism story was pretty damn good once Scott left and during that period where Higley was pretty much left alone to control things. Days handled the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome story and Chloe's leukemia back in 2002 well. I have confidence it can be done well providing the writers are allowed to write like they have been the past few months. If Corday is truly out of it, then I'm quite optimistic.

I don't see this being a big deal though. I wouldn't want it to be anyway. There isn't alot they can do with diabetes. I like the idea of it affecting Stefano and I look forward to seeing the impact it will have on him.
Okay. This current writing team had nothing to do with the Fetal Alcohol Syndrom storyline nor Chloe's leukemia. That shouldn't even be brought up.

I'm talking about this writing team. Are you really bringing up Theo's autism storyline? Sure, there were a few scenes here and there that were praised by fans because we had been waiting for the scenes since the damn storyline started in May, and we finally got them in October/November. That's why they were praised. Not because they were good, or groundbreaking or something worthy of appraisal.

The autism storyline, Bo's mysterious illness that we still don't know the cause of, Kate's cancer, Nick's addiction, etc. All of these storylines were poorly executed because Higley and her writing team can't do these types of stories. I'm expecting nothing more with Stefano's diabetes storyline now. It will flop just like the others.

This current writing team needs to stick with baby switches, who's the daddy storylines, affair storylines, triangles, psychos, etc, storylines that are fairly easy to tell and don't need much thought or craft. Because we aren't getting anything else, and it's embarrassing when they try these storylines and they just flop.
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