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Apr 15 2009, 12:41 AM
Apr 15 2009, 12:03 AM
Ooooo I eagerly await the climactic reveal, in which Lexie will be forced to tell Stephano that he can no longer have his cake and eat it to....unless of course that cake is sugar-less!.......Golly, this show is lame!

This show's down fall will be like that of passions....Anticlimactic! Every fan needs a payoff in a sl to keep them tuning into the next. No one wants to be bored and when you drag things out that is what your fans get....BORED!

We all want the climax....seriously, don't arouse my interest only to deny me the Climax I crave. Sex minus a climax is lousey! Are you going to hop into bed with a lover who can't finish the job?...Cause I sure as hell am not!...As a matter of fact I don't think I am willing to tune into a show that fails to do the job...No way!

These stupid tid bits that belong in a very special episode on a sitcom in the 80's are not going to hold the interest of many. And from what we saw in the sweeps preview SWEEPS is very un-sweep like in May....This show is dying a slow and painfilled death at the hands of Higley and Tomlin.

First off, it's not like the show built up Stefano's situation as something big. This is why spoilers hurt. We've known about the possible Stefano poisoning spoiler since over a month ago when the April/May spoilers leaked on the Sony site and the problem with that is it allows anticipation to build and sets up high expectations. Essentially, there is a high probability of disappointment. If that spoiler never came out and if the show was better and more vague with spoilers like in the 90's, we may have never known what was coming and then there wouldn't be such a sense of disappointment because no one would've built the Stefano thing up to be something bigger then it was.

There has not even been a hint of it on air yet, other then him having a little dizzy spell in Tony's room a few weeks ago. That's it. It's not like the show has been hyping Stefano's illness for weeks. It's just him feeling ill and then he gets worried because with everything going on there is a possibility someone, namely a Kiriakis, could be out to kill him. That's it. I think this situation serves two purposes. It shows that Stefano is well aware that the Kiriakis family can match up with his family, hence his paranoia, and it gives Stefano something personal to deal with. I like the idea of giving a man who has this invincible aura about him something like diabetes because it's those kind of people that get hit the hardest when they end up with something like that. It will be a personal struggle for him and I like that. I don't want supervillain Stefano. I want a human being. The fact is the man is getting older and I'm glad the show is doing this with his character. I like the current regime's take on Stefano at this point in his life.

As for payoffs, the best payoffs are the ones you wait for. That is good soap opera. It's a shame that in this day and age shows get bashed when they choose to wait. If you have a whopper of a secret, you hold on to it and milk the story for as long as possible. The more you build the story...the better the payoff and the repercussions. The show has several big secrets with the baby switch (both Nicole and Sami's secrets) and the Chloe/Dan affair and both have been going on less then 6 months. In all honesty, it's too soon to get to the payoff. Let's say you expose everything and play the repercussions. Then, in 6 months, you have nothing and have to start all over and build things up again. Play all the beats and explore everything you can should be the show's adage and that seems to be what they are following and wisely so. That is classic soap and it's been a recipe for ratings success in the past.

I wouldn't even compare Passions to this. Not at all. Passions dragged some of their stuff out for 5 years or more. JER's first run at Days dragged things out for years. The stuff on Days is barely 6 months old. It's no wonder so many TV shows have run out of ideas. They've caved to fans and moved so fast that they've burned through everything they have.

The pace and flow of the show is just right. They have things happening while they are building the stories very well. That is really the best formula. The longer you can keep people interested and waiting, then better the effect when the shit really hits the fan.

Back to the spoilers...they all sound good but the Max one. I love Darin but he and Chelsea can't leave soon enough for me.
Ok, First off You are way way off base....Steffy's illness....Well that is the meaningless boring ass tid bit shit that I was saying belonged in an sitcom episode in the 80's. I do not give a rat's ass about build up in his illness...its boring and it will soon be another plot twist soon forgotten.

The show is extremely anticlimactic! Nicole has not had the truth of her evil deeds revealed about her thus far and its been going on for months.For christ sake the wedding would have been the perfect opportunity and yet nothing....not even Sami reveals
Grace. There is no payoff here and I find that absolutely BORING! And I saw the sweeps preview and it is most bland, no PAYOFFS ANYTIME SOON...Can we get some salt for this show, seriously!

As for this show not being like Passions? WTF EVER! Bo and his stupid visions...No payoffs and stupid meaningless half hearted and half assed plot points are what made Passions what it was...Garbage!

Not to mention we now have Tomlin from Passions...Galen from Passions and Eric From Passions.

At work ppl turned off Dools for OLTL months ago...Well, the other day I turned the set on to Dools....Ppl were like WTF is this? Is this Passions? Is Passions back?...Why you ask? Because of the fearured actors above and of course the obvious Passions like delivery in the writing and producing...Dools is now a joke.

I have nothing against Galen or Eric. I think Eric is a very decent actor....However, Tomlin in my opinion was a failure at least a huge part of Passions failure and I see the patterns from Passions now on Dools.

IMO the show is doomed under DH and Tomlin's care
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