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Apr 15 2009, 08:17 AM
Apr 15 2009, 07:45 AM
Apr 15 2009, 12:41 AM

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Ok, First off You are way way off base....Steffy's illness....Well that is the meaningless boring ass tid bit shit that I was saying belonged in an sitcom episode in the 80's. I do not give a rat's ass about build up in his illness...its boring and it will soon be another plot twist soon forgotten.

The show is extremely anticlimactic! Nicole has not had the truth of her evil deeds revealed about her thus far and its been going on for months.For christ sake the wedding would have been the perfect opportunity and yet nothing....not even Sami reveals
Grace. There is no payoff here and I find that absolutely BORING! And I saw the sweeps preview and it is most bland, no PAYOFFS ANYTIME SOON...Can we get some salt for this show, seriously!

As for this show not being like Passions? WTF EVER! Bo and his stupid visions...No payoffs and stupid meaningless half hearted and half assed plot points are what made Passions what it was...Garbage!

Not to mention we now have Tomlin from Passions...Galen from Passions and Eric From Passions.

At work ppl turned off Dools for OLTL months ago...Well, the other day I turned the set on to Dools....Ppl were like WTF is this? Is this Passions? Is Passions back?...Why you ask? Because of the fearured actors above and of course the obvious Passions like delivery in the writing and producing...Dools is now a joke.

I have nothing against Galen or Eric. I think Eric is a very decent actor....However, Tomlin in my opinion was a failure at least a huge part of Passions failure and I see the patterns from Passions now on Dools.

IMO the show is doomed under DH and Tomlin's care
Damn straight!!!You have to give a payoff..its been MONTHS since Nicole lost her kid...and it goes on and on and on...DOOL is about to be screwed,cause when the GA SEES with their own little peepers,that NOTHING Is going to be revealed,in this lameass baby switch..they are going to start tuning out in droves...and I also agree with you about Tomlin..his intent is to make GG one of the stars of this show,,and I am sorry,,but he is a terrible actor...he has two expressions..duh,and double duh...I have NO interest in him,whatsoever..as for Eric Martsolf,,he IS a decent actor,but is being written stupid as hell...I LIKE him...as for social issues,,DH has no damn biz,TOUCHING any health issue...Kate's lung cancer,was a disgrace,,and a fuckin plot point!!My Dad had lung cancer,and he died from it..it is NOT the way it was portrayed,,it was a freakin plot point for for Dr Dan to grope Chloe and then have an affair with her...you are right this show IS lame..and its IS turning into Passions..when will the baby reveal happen??When the show airs its last day??Like it did with the whole Ethan/Theresa/Gwen bullshit??Tomlin is going to ruin this show..wait and see :redface:
I'm sorry Phoenix, I know you are the eternal optimist, and I appreciate that more than you know, but I"ve got to agree with Dragon and EJ's girl on this one. This lack of payoff I think is going to cost DOOL in ratings, big time. We (the internet lurkers) know that there isn't a payoff, but the GA doesn't know that yet, and I think they are going to be passed pissed when they discover it.

I also agree with EJ'sgirl and Dragon that GG is not a good actor. He's not anywhere in the same ballpark with some of the ones he's put in scenes with. I also think EM is good, and I wish tptb would use him more. He's actually got some talent. TPTB need to quit trying to make GG out to be some leading man.......it might've worked on Passions(actually it didn't work, ie cancelled). But I think for the most part, your typical soap viewer isn't interested in all that mess that Passions tried to sell. GG might be good looking :shrug: , and a great guy in real life, but he just hasn't got the acting chops.

Don't even get me started on Stefano finding out he has diabetes. Not that I don't think that's a serious illness. But really, DOOL has missed the mark on every "socially relevant" issue since Higley came aboard. The autism NOT story was awful!! Bo's mystery illness :sleep: .

I think Tomlin needs to get out of the "Passions mode" and give some payoff to the viewers before they tune out in droves. I honestly think it may be too late for that once everyone gets the "nothing's really happening" May sweeps.
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