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Apr 15 2009, 12:41 AM
First off, it's not like the show built up Stefano's situation as something big. This is why spoilers hurt. We've known about the possible Stefano poisoning spoiler since over a month ago when the April/May spoilers leaked on the Sony site and the problem with that is it allows anticipation to build and sets up high expectations. Essentially, there is a high probability of disappointment. If that spoiler never came out and if the show was better and more vague with spoilers like in the 90's, we may have never known what was coming and then there wouldn't be such a sense of disappointment because no one would've built the Stefano thing up to be something bigger then it was.

There has not even been a hint of it on air yet, other then him having a little dizzy spell in Tony's room a few weeks ago. That's it. It's not like the show has been hyping Stefano's illness for weeks. It's just him feeling ill and then he gets worried because with everything going on there is a possibility someone, namely a Kiriakis, could be out to kill him. That's it. I think this situation serves two purposes. It shows that Stefano is well aware that the Kiriakis family can match up with his family, hence his paranoia, and it gives Stefano something personal to deal with. I like the idea of giving a man who has this invincible aura about him something like diabetes because it's those kind of people that get hit the hardest when they end up with something like that. It will be a personal struggle for him and I like that. I don't want supervillain Stefano. I want a human being. The fact is the man is getting older and I'm glad the show is doing this with his character. I like the current regime's take on Stefano at this point in his life.

I completely agree and I think a big part of it is, like you mentioned, that we had that unusual spoiler leak that we've known about for many weeks. Normally we wouldn't have six weeks' worth of spoilers or whatever that was. If you look only at what's played out on screen, there's no evidence that anyone is poisoning Stefano. And him having diabetes may play out as being a key weakness that Victor or Kate or Philip or whoever can exploit--it doesn't necessarily mean it's the end of the story or that they're planning on doing some sort of PSA story on diabetes prevention and control. It may end up sucking, but then again, it may not.
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