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Anybody know which actors or actresses on soaps smoke? Its a nasty habit but some Ive read have been open about it--just wondering-strange but I find myself wondering as I watch them on TV if they smoke or not--here are some i have read about who do or have

John Paul Lavosier--OLTL
Anthony Geary
Genie Francis
Kristan Alfonso-DOOL
Jeanne Cooper-YR
Jess Walton-YR
Brent Weber-AMC
Walt Willey-AMC
Galen Gering-PAS/ DOOL but I read somewhere he quit or was trying to
David Fumero- OLTL
Nathaniel Marston-OLTL
Tom Pelphrey-GL
James Hyde-PAS-may have quit
Jesse Metcalfe-PAS
Jane Elliot--quit
Sarah Brown-GH
Lisa LoCicero-GH
Laura Wright-GL/GH
Jerry Ver Dorn-GL/OLTL

Some may have quit-some were trying to when interviewed for magazines.

Just wondering if anyone knows anyone else who smokes from GH, OLTL or YR or any other soap-its a nasty habit and while it doesnt change my opinion of their acting-it just decreases their attractiveness.

example- John Paul Lavosier I thought was hot until I read something about him being a smoker....

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