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My God...

Has SOD sunk this low? Breaking news is Lauren Koslow being at American Idol with her daughter.

I guess one of the next updates will be "Breaking News" Eric Braeden spotted at the supermarket. More soon." :laugh: .

I saw her there last night and we discussed it in the Idol thread. I still wonder how camera found her. I mean, it's not like she's a big name celebrity. She is a soap actress so that was kind of cool and random that she and her daughter ended up on camera. I figured they were Adam Lambert fans since they showed them while he was being judged. That is probably how they got on air. It was a coincidence and they were just showing the Adam fans. Her daughter looks so much like her and I guessed she was around 16-17 so I was close LOL.

Idol really is a "Where's Waldo?" type deal. There are always random celebrities around. I swear, Lisa Rinna is there nearly every week. That is probably why it's so hard to get tickets since so many celebrities like to take their kids and all. Glad Lauren got to go with her daughter. I think the whole cast is enjoying their two week hiatus since they seem to tape so many episodes in a short period of time now.

I bet all the celebrities hate having to leave their cell phones though. People in Hollywood think of them as life lines so being out of touch must be devastating for them. Hell, most people are like that nowadays so I bet it's devastating for everyone not being able to be in touch.
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