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"We've ramped up the speed of our storytelling to make it more of a day-to-day must see,"says Executive Producer Ken Corday. "We are burning story at a faster pace. Secrets are exposed and smashed, and romances blossom."

DiMera/Brady Feud:"The blood feud continues. Brady wants no part of it. The darker side of Phillip emerges and Stephanie wants no part of it. Victor and Phillip arrange to have Stefano kidnapped, he is held for ransom. EJ arranges to have Stephanie kidnapped as a tit for tat. Owen (Wes Ramsey, the gardener) pops into this and is EJ's employ. In a heroic move, Phillip saves Stephanie. He also proposes.

EJ/Sami/Rafe:Sami realizes EJ is always going to be a threat to her, so she goes to Rafe, they declare their love and consumate their love. Rafe volunteers to be a surrogate father to Grace taking us into June, where tragedy awaits all three of them.

Nicole/EJ:The honeymoon is over when EJ starts to investigate Dr. Baker. Nicole tries to get him to leave town, but he takes a nasty fall after a heated confrontation with her. She'll also have bigger problems: "It becomes clear that Stefano knows a lot more than he let on."

Bo/Hope:They have found new ground and are happy. Bo will have a mysterious vision about Ciara, but this is an extremely slow build. This story won't play out heavily until June.

Chelsea/Max:Billie is an a automobile accident in England teetering between live and death. Chelsea goes to her, but will return having decided to go to medical school in England. Max will leave town with her and they have their happily ever after off screen.

Daniel/Chloe/Kate:Kate rips into Daniel and Chloe and confronts them about the affair. She agrees to keep quiet, but her revenge plan is far from over.
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