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Nicole and EJ wed, but not before the wedding is stopped twice. First, Mia enters and puts a halt to the proceedings. "Mia comes in when the preacher guy says, 'Is there anyone here who has just cause..' and she says 'Wait!'" previews AZ. "EJ is like, 'Who is she?' and Nicole is like, "Uh, uh,' and EJ says 'I've seen you before.' Then Dr. Baker gets up and Nicole says Mia is one of the teens she works with. EJ is like, 'Baker's here? It's like a circus. Dr. Baker takes Mia out and everything looks good to go until Sami comes in.

"Now Nicole is pissed," says Zucker. "At this point, it's like, 'What is she going to do?' But she really can't do anything, so Sami is the least of her worries. Just because she says that Grace is his, so? What is he going to not marry her and marry Sami? Nicole just doesn't want her causing problems."

Before Sami can tell EJ about Grace, Lexie announces that Phillip has been shot and she has to go. EJ, Nicole, and Sami go into the vestibule and Nicole yells at Sami for stopping her wedding, and EJ asks for a minute. Sami is about to tell EJ when Lexie comes out and tells them about Phillip. Sami keeps quiet because she and Nicole are both 99.9% sure that it has something to do with the DiMera's. Sami leaves.

Nicole and EJ go ahead with the ceremony and are married with Chloe and Stefano as witnesses. Sami returns to talk to EJ and she asks him if he was responsible for Phillip's shooting. EJ seems willing to tell her the truth as long as she tells him why she stopped the wedding. Before she can answer, EJ suggests that she is still in love with him. Sami is stunned, but decides to let him think that to keep him away from Grace. After, Nicole overhears EJ leave a message for Stefano vowing to finish the job on Philip. "She overhears something about a package deal and she thinks, 'What did I marry into?'"

The newlyweds return home for a private reception. Now that she is Mrs.DiMera, is she home-free? "There is never a home-free with Nicole,"observes AZ. "Every step she takes, it's like, "I made it through this day.'"
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