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Apr 15 2009, 07:23 PM
I hope Chex's plane crashes on the way to medical school in Europe.

WHAT THE FUCK, KATE? Tell Lucas already or shoot Chloe and Daniel in the face and be done with it. She needs to actually take some real revenge or get the fuck over it and move on.

"Bo" and "visions" were the only two words I needed to see before skipping over that paragraph. I can't BELIEVE the we're still being served that bowl of steaming shit. Yet, this is fast-paced story-telling people!

How long before Sami is pregnant with Rafe's baby? More importantly, how long before Nicole tries to steal said baby? Where the hell is Lucas in all of this? Buying Chloe another house?

Philip/Stephanie sound a little nauseating, but the fued is the only thing that seems watchable to me. I like that Brady doesn't want to get involved. Team Kiriakis!
LOL Love your "take".
I think there's a good chance Phil/Stephanie won't wed since we have had two weddings actually happen (Chloe/Lucas - Nicole/EJ) that shouldn't have. This one should so more than likely, it won't.

I just knew Kate's revenge wouldn't be over just because Daniel saves Philip.
But WTF?? Can someone please tell Lucas the truth already??
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