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Nicole realizes she's married to the mob this week after dodging Mia and Sami's attempts to stop her wedding. AZ reflects on life as a DiMera bride.

SOW asks how Nicole gets past Mia's interruption and Ari says that Dr. Baker handles things. He takes Mia away and convinces her she can't take Sydney away from Nicole. Nicole thinks, "Thank God! At least Baker is on my side for now."

AZ says that when Sami interrupts the wedding that Nicole is ready to throw in the towel. She tries to keep Sami from talking, but she can't. EJ stops the wedding to talk to Sami. Yet again, Sami's one up on Nicole.

After Lexie announces that Phillip has been shot, Sami gets cold feet and leaves. Nicole and EJ finally get married.

(After the wedding when Sami returns) Nicole doesn't hear the conversation between EJ and Sami where Sami accuses EJ of shooting Philip and EJ presses Sami to admit that she's in love with him. AZ says that is for the best and that Nicole would probably punch Sami and EJ, too. Nicole does hear EJ admitting to the hit on Phillip and wanting to finish the job to Stefano though. AZ says "The whole thing is a little scary, but Nicole realizes she has to protect EJ now no matter what. She has to hold this secret."

Nicole and EJ head home. They have champagne and EJ whisks Nicole upstairs for some lovin'. The next morning Mia calls and wants to see Sydney. Nicole leaves to see Mia, but has to take guards with her since the DiMera's are now open to counterattack from the Kiriakis family. AZ says there is some awkwardness. Nicole's like, "Why do I need guards?" But Stefano insists. This is part of Nicole's life now.

Nicole tells Mia that she has guards following her everywhere now because of the family feud. She tells Mia that this is the last time she can see Sydney. "This is it; now go away."

Later on Nicole and EJ (with guards) run into Brady and Victor with their guards. Victor warns Nicole that she married a monster. SOW asks Ari if Nicole is having any regrets about marrying EJ. AZ says, "I don't think it's regret. She [plotted] to marry EJ for months. It's all she wanted. But she is gaining insight into the life she's gotten into. There's a little panic. It's like, "What do I do now?" Nicole knows this isn't a normal life.
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