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Outside of the AWFUL Bo/Hope story(again, VISION of the week! I guess the whole Hope's not Hope thing and Roman's not Roman was just another misunderstood vision and will be long forgotten by May?), and Lord I mean awful, this stuff sounds GREAT.

I am loving Brady/Nicole/EJ/Sami/Rafe....the story is great now and sounds great for May....but so could Dr.Baker be actually on his way out now? When people on Days take a "deadly fall", it usually means that an exit is on the way. :P I know this doesn't reveal if he dies or not, but why does it happen so that EVERYONE Nicole works with ends up dead or somehow immobile?

And while I like the sounds of it, I guess Kate doesn't give up getting revenge on Daniel and Chloe? I like the slower pace myself, though I hate those visions, BUT I don't get Corday's comment about stuff speeding up when it comes to this....the Kiriakis/DiMera feud speeding up, yes it sounds like it, but Kate has been plotting revenge since late Feburary I think.

Oh and speaking of the Kiriakis/DiMera feud, I LOVE the sound of all this....wow, it sounds great!

I must give a big BLAH to Chelsea/Max riding off happily.

Edit: Oh and to respond to some posters, I have to say I would rather see Bo and Hope not on 1 day of the month if all they are going to get are these visions. I consider us lucky that we don't have to see it as a frontburner story.
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