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This is a summary of both articles together.

While Stephanie is talking a shower after having sex with Phillip, a hit man enters the hotel room and shoots Phillip. She comes out and sees Phillip lying on the bed and bleeding, and a man standing above him with a gun in his hand. "All Stephanie can do is scream," previews Shelley.

The hit man fires at Stephanie, but misses. Two hotel workers arrive and scare him off. One of the workers calls 911 and Stephanie runs to Phillip's aid. "Stephanie is beyond terrified," says Hennig. "It's really emotional and horrifying. All she can do is hold on to him and tell him it's going to be okay."

Phillip is rushed to the hospital in critical condition, and Stephanie calls Victor from the ambulance on the way over. "Once they are at the hosptial a nurse stops Stephanie from going with Phillip," explains SH. "Stephanie collapses on the floor and Melanie catches her. Stephanie is just going ballistic, thinking this is the last time she's ever going to see him and she didn't get to say good-bye."

Brady and Melanie offer support, while Victor demands answers. He wants to know what happened and where they were. Brady tries to make sure Victor doesn't take things too far since Stephanie has been through something horrible. Stephanie eventually sits down with Victor and tells him everything.

When Stefano shows up, Victor erupts and confronts him about what he's done. Stefano feigns innocence.

Phillip makes it through the surgery and Stephanie sits at his bedside. Stephanie begs him to wake up and fight through this and he then opens his eyes. Stephanie is beyond overjoyed. she thinks Phillip is coming back to her. The next thing she knows, his machines are going off and he flatlines.

Daniel and his medical team rush in to revive him. Dan suggests an experimental treatment that might save Phillip and Kate gives her consent to try it. Later, Phillip wakes up and his prognosis improves - with Victor promising his son the DiMera's will pay for what they have done.

"Stephanies more concerned with Phillip than revenge. She's just happy that he's alive," says Hennig, admitting that Stephanie does realize the gravity of the DiMera/Kiriakis feud, and that "she's in the middle of it, since she's connected to Phillip. There is a lot at stake, but Stephanie is determined to be with Philip no matter what. It's too late to back out now. Stephanie might be afraid for her life, but her love for Phillip takes precedence."
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