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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: May Sweeps spoilers
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Apr 15 2009, 08:40 PM
I think that Corday just threw in that spoiler for Bope because if he could get rid of them, he would have. I think this current regime hates the term "supercouple" and want it gone from the soap lexicon!

I was never a Bope fan, so I wouldnt claim to care but they at least can give them a decent SL..not this shit that were watching.
I felt this when they decided to get rid of J&M. They were testing the waters, then they tossed Payla and Tanna aside. I hate to see this happening to Bope. I do think tptb want the super couples gone and they are intentionally making their story unbearable to get people to stop watching.

I honestly can't completely blame them for wanting the super couples gone because I do think the super couple fans limited what they could do with the characters. I don't think it's the fans' fault because the fans should be invested in their characters and root for them, but the way the writers or KC or whoever reacted to the fans was wrong. They should have planned good stories and stuck with them instead of panicking over fan reaction. I waited for J&M to get together forever after Roman came back, and while I got upset and often gave up, I kept watching because the stories were interesting.

I still remember when they made Jope's baby, miraculously Bo's. I couldn't believe after all that I went through watching, they just wiped it all out. I personally think of that as a turning point from writing stories to pandering to fanbase. If they had a vision for the story, they should have followed it. Not allowing couples to be human made the super couples boring. My sister is a big Bope fan, and she hates seeing them currently. But even when the writers put thought into writing for Bo and Hope, the second fan's balked, it seemed like tptb panicked and the story started waffling, often making no sense or changing direction. I could list several instances that had the pattern of bad fan reaction, sudden storyline change, Billie/Bo, Patrick/Hope, Jate, Java, etc.

I wasn't happy to see J&M separated last year, but I was excited that they were getting a story. The way it was set up initially with Stefano changing John, it could have easily been a believable break up story. I enjoyed Drake and Deidre and wouldn't have minded seeing them go different directions for a while. I would have liked to see both doing something different, evolving, as I think John did early on. I still look back on that story and see so much promise. I enjoy them separate, hoping that some day they would get together again (as they were 87-97). Now looking back, I wonder how much the story changed due to fan pressure. It seemed initially the direction was for John to be more unlikeable due to his programming (which hurt as a John fan but made sense), then Marlena was unlikeable (which I never really understood although it did make me feel sorry for John and root for him), then it just became meaningless as if the writers just could not decide what to do with the story. I haven't rewatched the Payla/Ava story, but I wonder if fan reaction caused the sudden ending. At least it seemed sudden to me.

I know some like today's Days. Personally, I don't think Days needs to focus on fast and furious insta-love so much as getting back to good storytelling and pacing the stories accordingly. They need to have decent writers and faith in the stories, and some integrity in the writing, build up relationships.

For me the show is nothing now without the strong family relationships (why watch Brady and Sami without Jarlena? Stephanie without Payla?), but there is certainly less cost without the vets and many fans like it fine or prefer it without the vets, so I can't fault them for making the decision to save money and get rid of the fanbase issues that they couldn't seem to deal with.

I do blame KC and the writers for is lousy send offs for the vets. After years of loyalty and supporting the show, I don't think a decent send off was too much to ask.

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