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Apr 16 2009, 12:25 AM
This is my problem with all of this.
The script is making it clear that Sami is not in love with EJ .. and She has stated she is not in love with him.. And .. I ont think she is.
That being said.... Why are the writers making it seem that Sami only wants to come clean with EJ?
Yet at the same time it must be done during his wedding.. She does not want EJ .. True she hates Nicole too.. But as far as she knows they also share a child. Her telling EJ about Grace should have noting to do with the weding and I think it is again just terrible writing.
Especially after she has declared *More the once* that she does not love EJ.

(Now I know Ejami's will see it different, as some clue to her feelings for EJ and thats fine, I just see it as confusing and bad writing.. but if we follow the script none of it makes sense, especially given the upcoming spoilers)
I think Sami saying that she does not love EJ does not actually mean she does not love him. I don't think this is meant to be taken so literal.

She does love him, she is just in major denial because she knows she should not want to love him. As the last thing the Brady's want is a Brady-Dimera union. Heaven forbid.

If she really didn't love and have feelings for him, she wouldn't constantly be defending him, dreaming of him, coming over to comfort/be around him, kissing him in stairwells and telling him she cannot imagine life without him.

She just knows she shouldn't love him. But you can't always help who you love.

This is all just to drag out this endless baby switch storyline, of course. If she actually told him how she really felt...then what? They ride off into the sunset happily ever after and boring with no story.
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