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Some of those things you mentioned Sami did to "show" us her love for EJ happened MONTHS AGO!
- Stairwell kiss- AUGUST 08
- Dreaming of EJ- Nov/Dec 08

As for the comforting...oh yes, that comforting hug one gives after one loses someone close to the family...that's what people that care about the other do...not people IN LOVE!!

You can scream it out, put it on the paper, actors saying it, but still will have people thinking that Sami loves EJ...SAMI LOVES HERSELF...and hates the fact that EJ's going to move on. That has ALWAYS been her M.O.

So let Sami tell EJ that she didnt want his kid, went to the WPP to hide it, then came back, told people it was dead and now think that she can win him by the snap of her fingers? What about the kid they already have, Johnny, why didnt EJ come crawling back so that Johnny can have a stable home?

I think Sami will care for EJ...but she's moving on, just as EJ has. She's moving on with Rafe. She's going to actually say "I LOVE YOU" to him..will have consensual sex with him...want to raise her kids (you know, then ones that are EJ's her loves?) with him.

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