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Viewing Single Post From: SOW:A closer look: Nicole

Apr 16 2009, 06:22 PM
I don't understand Nicole at all. Does she live in her own twisted world, that she doesn't care if EJ raped Sami or everything the Dimera's have done to the Brady's? Is she completely mentally gone? I think she and Kate need to be locked up somenwhere. JMO.
What happened to her job with Austin's company? I know she left to LA, for the job and she "fell in love" with some guy. But now that she is back, no job?

LMAO Nicole wasn't even in Salem when any of that happened and I don't even remember a single conversation she has had where anyone has bothered to set her straight about EJ's dealings as the black glove. St. Sami, however, lived it so if anyone needs to be locked up for overlooking EJ's crimes she should be. JMO.

Nicole came back to Salem to divorce Victor and collect her settlement, a settlement she would have been able to keep had she left town but she chose to stay in Salem and risk losing it just to be with EJ. Before she had a chance to find a job she found out she was pregnant. Luckily she's raising Sydney with EJ so she can delay going back to work and spend more quality time with the baby.

Luckily for Sami she's able to mooch off her family and her baby's daddys (and soon surrogate baby's daddy). I hope Sami gets a job or goes back to school before she gets pregnant again.

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