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Dec 08 was not that long ago. I loved my husband then and I still love him today. Love doesn't just go away that quickly - especially when you are pushing your feelings aside. She also hasn't had any love dreams about Lucas or Rafe, so I think that is telling as well.

Like it or not, Sami defended EJ to Rafe and Sister Theresa every time his name came up. She was not hiding the pregnancy from him, but ultimately Stephano. And yes, this is bad writing as Johnny was still in that home and Sami did nothing to prevent that which was dumb.

As for the comforting - she didn't just go give him a friendly, I'm sorry for your loss hug. She ran out of the Pub immediately after finding out about Tony and ran straight to EJ. It was a great scene and I, at least could really feel the intensity being portrayed by the actors for each other. Way more so then a friendly, oh uh sorry for your loss. If she really doesn't care that much about his feelings, why didn't she just send a card or make a call?

Today, Lucas who knows Sami best, said that he knew she still wants to be with EJ.

If Steffy had never come back into the picture, who knows what may have happened between the two, but he did, so now the brainwashing of EJ, by his father continues. And as long as Steffy is around, Sami will never tell EJ how she really feels. And who could blame her?

EJ is moving on for now as he has no idea of the lies and deceit going on behind his back with Nicole. He thinks Sami wants to be with Rafe anyway, so he thinks moving on is best for him for the sake of Sydney.

Sami has no choice but to move on too, for now. Rafe has been nice so far, but I'm sure his dark side will surface soon enough and we'll see how long their love lasts.

One last thing, in May 2008, Sami and EJ did have long passionate amazing CONSENSUAL sex.

Sami does love herself. Just as every fiery character on this show does - including Nicole. That's one reason we love them as they do things we never would.
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