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some of these sound intriguing. i doubt stefano has nicole's baby, but i still have my fingers crossed. i also think something will happen to grace, leading to her death. i just can't see anyone ending up with this child at the end of the day, so maybe that's the best way for the 'character' to be written off. having sami end up with both babies is ridiculous. i know nicole won't get one, and mia is clearly unfit, so when i saw 'tragedy' my first thought is that grace is going to die. plus it will put a stop to rafe and sami's happy little family and perhaps thrust her back into ej's orbit. i know people don't like the idea of a baby dying, but in this case, i think it could make for a good story.

i'm not surprised chex was rewritten to have a happy ending. those two ended up leaving the show so close together that it seemed silly not to just write them off together. i, of course, would rather see chelsea ride off into the sunset with nick, but oh well.

as far as bo and hope, i hope they've been relegated to the background, which is hard to say since they are my favorite supercouple. this vision story is so stupid that i would rather not the see two very often if this is their story. i'd actually rather see the two involved somehow in the kiriakis/dimera feud, especially because of bo's relation to vic and phil.

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