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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The New Pad

After what happened at my dad’s house, I knew it was time for me to find a place of my own. Stephanie was kind of in the same position, so we decided to take the plunge and become renters together. We found a place, but let’s just say it hasn’t all been totally wonderful. First of all, Stephanie takes forever to get ready. I bet you thought she was naturally just gorgeous. Believe me, it takes work. I mean, she is naturally gorgeous, but she also knows how to enhance things. She’s always been this way – we lived together at the sorority house, so I’ve lived through all those hours in front of a mirror – but it has gotten worse. Way worse. Then there’s the little problem of both of us having boyfriends and wanting to spend, we’ll just call it “special,” time together at our apartment. We don’t always quite have the privacy we’d like. Guess that’s something we’ll just have to work on.

Of course, in the end, all of these problems with privacy and bathroom hours are pretty meaningless. Not really life and death, and we had that in ....Salem.... recently, too. Philip got in this fight with Tony DiMera – a real bad guy, I think – and Tony, well, he ended up dying. It was totally an accident; I really believe that. I mean, Philip was angry because he figured out that Tony was trying to take Nick’s alternative fuel project. And they did fight, but Philip didn’t kill him. He just wouldn’t do something like that.

Anyway, everyone is after that stupid project and Melanie is in the middle of it, but all she really cares about is who will give her the most money for it. She’s just so … Frustrating. I promised myself – and Max – that I wouldn’t bag on her anymore. Good luck with that. She just doesn’t get that when she’s playing all these guys off each other, it isn’t just a game. It’s like real money and power and men who don’t want to be messed with. And because of her little “games,” Tony ended up dead. I think she finally gets that she has to take some responsibility for that, which I’m happy for, but it wasn’t exactly an easy process to get her to see the light. And with her, you just know that light is going to go out. Sorry. Venting.

So, beyond all that, Max and I are good, which is totally amazing. Now I just have to convince Steph that Philip is worth fighting for. I think she knows it; she just needs a nudge.

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