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Apr 17 2009, 04:11 PM
Nicole was in town when that whole Collin is alive after all and she slept with Patrick on that boat/ship. They were trying to escape Stefano. She has been in town when things before EJ existed. She also dated Eric who's mother is Marlena, so she knows from him what Stefano is capable of.

You might have had a point if Stefano weren't in COMA when Nicole returned to town. In fact, when Nicole returned to town EJ was living with John Black, Sami and Marlena so she had no reason to think EJ was anything like Stefano. As far as she knew EJ was just a lawyer with the last name of Wells/DiMera that was working with Mickey. Of course, it wasn't long before Nicole found out that EJ was faking his immigration deportation to stay married to Sami but that wasn't something that should of alarmed her because that was not something Stefano would have done...that was something Nicole would have done.

Gotta wonder what Sami's excuse for chasing after EJ is. Sami is either insane or just plain stupid.
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