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Apr 18 2009, 05:09 AM
Apr 17 2009, 02:53 PM
Apr 17 2009, 02:15 PM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deep They said no more killing kids
Thats a really creative thought, but I highly doubt it.

I think its Grace whose gonna die or some really serious health issue. I think Ejole is still gonna be together for a while.

And alot of people think baby Ejole is still alive.
I think if Sydney died there would be much more scope for story...not only the creative ideas already shared but couldn't you just see Nicole then trying to expose the fact that Grace isn't Sami.s so that she could get Grace for herself [Who was the child she originally planned to 'adopt'] Of course that would be her justification - it's destiny or something weird like that.

I could easily see Nicole scheming in this way.
That's a neat concept. However, if Sidney died, I don't think she would expose that Grace should really be hers. I think the loss of their daughter would infact strengthen the bond that Nicole and EJ have. Exposing the truth about Grace would not help their relationship at all. EJ would despise her and wouldn't so much for Grace since she really isn't his daughter anyways.
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