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Apr 18 2009, 05:49 AM
Apr 9 2009, 12:32 AM
Ed Scott was the reason that story fell apart and the reason why Ava got tossed in with J&M., which led to SN and MBE complaining about how it all ended. Right around the time the Ava stuff began to change rapidly (sorry but there is no way Joe Penny was only meant to be there a week) was around the time the show began to fall apart due to the backstage bullshit, which rightfully got Ed Scott fired.
I thought Joe Penny was only supposed to be short-term?
He was but I don't think the run was supposed to be that limited.

He lasted less then two weeks. If it were meant to only last that long, I doubt they would've bothered to establish a connection with him and Kate and I doubt they would've built up to his arrival with the amount of attention they did. I mean, they dedicated a promo to this guy like he was the next Stefano Dimera. Something changed and that isn't much of a stretch since everything in May and June of last year was a jumbled mess because of all the behind the scenes BS.
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