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Streetcorner Philosopher

I guess "burn through story" means accelerated romances. And going from critical condition to superhero in 2 weeks (airtime, not Salem time). But whatever.

On the Bo/Hope front- totally don't understand why Bo isn't involved with the Kiriakis/Dimera stuff. Because he's not young anymore? Because he's too expensive (don't they have "guarantees" or something?)? One murky vision a month is kind of lame, and they can transition to a "new era" without getting rid of everyone from prior periods. See also: Stefano f-ing Dimera the Invincible Whiny Bastard.

Stefano knows more than he's letting on? Of course. Random New Guy is on the Dimera payroll? Of course. Kidnappings ending safely with no long-term consequences for anyone?...Of course. At least the kidnappings during the Brady/Dimera feud went on for years. Frickin' ridiculous.

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