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Apr 16 2009, 12:25 AM
This is my problem with all of this.
The script is making it clear that Sami is not in love with EJ .. and She has stated she is not in love with him.. And .. I ont think she is.
That being said.... Why are the writers making it seem that Sami only wants to come clean with EJ?
Yet at the same time it must be done during his wedding.. She does not want EJ .. True she hates Nicole too.. But as far as she knows they also share a child. Her telling EJ about Grace should have noting to do with the weding and I think it is again just terrible writing.
Especially after she has declared *More the once* that she does not love EJ.

(Now I know Ejami's will see it different, as some clue to her feelings for EJ and thats fine, I just see it as confusing and bad writing.. but if we follow the script none of it makes sense, especially given the upcoming spoilers)
I agree with you, about the bad writing. Once again the writers have managed to mangle another sl in order to pimp certain characters, characters in my mind who are better on the sidelines causing trouble aka Nicole. Don't get me wrong I like Nicole as a side character there to cause trouble. But this whole kidnapping business is beyond the pale in my estimation. Further more the fact that she feels no guilt or remorse over it is even more disgusting. Nicole of all people should not be casting any type of judgement on the actions of others given that she lies, steals and cheats her way into getting what she wants. Seriously...EJ! Come on, why on earth would a character like this who is contantly craving for love want the love of a man who clearly is demonstrating that he will only care about her conditionally. I am beyond disgusted with the way women are portrayed on this soap. One would think that all the writers are male...but alas that is not the case. I see Nicole chasing after this man, who only wants her if she is a certain way, so she commits crime after crime with lie after lie....this is not the way that I would like my female characters to be protrayed on screen. I can't even feel bad for Nicole as the writers have robbed me of that given that she has STOLEN someone elses child! I would feel better perhaps if at some point in this century she were made to fess up. Alas, that will probably not be the case. So as for feeling bad for Nicole or caring what will happen to her...sadly I can not as she is completely unethical and quite frankly just taxing to my nerves.

I miss the Nicole that was happy to plot and scheme about stealing someone's man. This character who kidnaps babies without remorse or guilt and persistently lies about it all...is really quite unsettling to me. I think the lack of conscience that is being portrayed is what makes me less and less care for the character overall.

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