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Apr 15 2009, 06:46 PM
I'm a bit confused.

Corday said that they will be burning through story at a faster pace in May, yet Bo and Hope -- the one true supercouple left on the show -- are only being given some lame "extremely slow build" story? LoL. Okay then. Oh, and it's more of the same psychic Bo bullshit that's been going on since December? I wish Peter and Kristian would quit this stupid show.

Owen is just another person on the DiMera payroll? Lame and unsurprising.

Funny that the "TRAGEDY!" preview regarding Sami on the cover wasn't even for May, but June instead.

The Nicole story needs to end immediately. It's been going on for long enough now and it only gets more annoying and uninteresting as it plays out. At this point, everything about it is anticlimactic. Same goes for the Chloe/Daniel/Kate crap, which sounds like more of the same. So much for "burning through story at a faster pace," right? So Kate agrees to keep their affair secret but continues on with her plan for revenge? Please. Those two sluts aren't even worth Kate's efforts anymore. Also, where's Lucas? There's nothing worse than being a prop in your own story.

LoL @ Corday's description of the DiMera/Kiriakis feud. (Is the DiMera/Brady thing a typo?) He pretty much gives every single plot point away. Has he never heard of a teaser? What's the point of telling us that Stephanie is kidnapped only to reveal that Philip also saves her and then proposes? This is stuff that's going to be playing out a month or more from now. He's stupid to give out such a detailed plot outline, IMO. Oh, and I don't like them turning Stefano into some helpless victim. First he's poisoned, then he's got another health issue, and now he's being kidnapped? Whatever. Higley's version of Stefano sucks.

Finally, what's with the Chelsea/Max spoiler? I thought that Chelsea going to see Billie in England would be her final sayonara? It's stupid to have her randomly come back, only to go leave for England again. What's the point? It's like a yo-yo. I'm assuming they had already written Chelsea's exit but then decided to bring her back and escort Max off the show when they learned that Darin's pilot was picked up, but still... stupid.

I see I won't be watching Days in May, LoL. Thanks Angie! ;)
WOW Kenny I can not agree with you more!!! Reminds me of our BB chats. :)

The Nicole baby sl is completely anti-climactic! You are correct it has been going on for far too long. How will the show recover from this...as the longer it goes on the more likelihood that that she will have to spend some time in jail for her crimes. This sl does nothing for the soap the longer it is dragged out, as we know that the way that SPD chooses to dispense justice is in a manner that is inconsistent with the crime committed which will in my mind leave irreparable damage to the whole soap. We are talking about a kidnapping. I would have more respect for the soap if they tried to tie this sl with some sort of social conscienceness sl that raised the publics awareness of child napping in general, that could in some way justify the length that this sl has gone on for. Even in Y & R with Sheila there was some sort of conscienceness raising when she napped little Scotty. Grrrrr this sl is beyond the pale for soo many reasons.

How the writers have chosen to deal with Bo and Hope is regrettable. Seriously, Bo has his visions and I honestly can not follow the purpose of them...why did they decide to make him psychic...has Bo become the new Celeste. Seems strange in my books and pointless for that matter. The soap has a family of cops yet they can't seem to do anything constructive with them - like solve crimes. There is a ton of ways that sl's could be developed that are interesting and captivating with this clan of cops on the soap - all of them starting with actually doing some police work. I would have had more respect for the show if they could manage to do something interesting with the character development that they have spent years on cultivating rather then to distroy the characters they have on screen to date through their rewrite of character history.

I again agree with you about the whole Kate/Daniel and Chloe sl's - yet again Lucas's mommy comes in to save the day. I would one day like to see the maturation of Lucas where he begins to solve his own problems. Instead the writers have cast the character as a complete and utter witless ninny who is constantly being played by the women he chooses to want. He treats women like candy, where he walks into a store and says "me want that candy" and without thinking just blunders through his relationship with them. All the while asking mommy to ensure his purchase is signed sealed and delivered. Kate of course has to have the unsatisfactory role of ensuring that all is well with her purchase by ensuring that true satisfaction for her son is guaranteed. It is all a bit disturbing in my mind and the writers need to fix the flaws of some of these characters so that they can move into the 21st century.

Personally, I am liking the Kiriakis and DiMera feud. I sadly am not liking the way that it is being written as it comes off as silly and trite not to mention completely stupid. The problem with this feud is that there is no purpose for it...so they are trying to build it...the writers should really try to catch Y & R where they can see how a real family feud is developed with the Newman's and the Abbot's over Jabot.

Finally...who even knew that Chelsea and Max were still on the show....


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