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Apr 18 2009, 05:09 AM
Apr 17 2009, 02:53 PM
Apr 17 2009, 02:15 PM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deep They said no more killing kids
Thats a really creative thought, but I highly doubt it.

I think its Grace whose gonna die or some really serious health issue. I think Ejole is still gonna be together for a while.

And alot of people think baby Ejole is still alive.
I think if Sydney died there would be much more scope for story...not only the creative ideas already shared but couldn't you just see Nicole then trying to expose the fact that Grace isn't Sami.s so that she could get Grace for herself [Who was the child she originally planned to 'adopt'] Of course that would be her justification - it's destiny or something weird like that.

I could easily see Nicole scheming in this way.
Just because alot of people think that baby Ejole is still alive does not necessarily make it so. Nicole had a miscarraige...quite early in her pregnancy...I think it is safe to say that her baby will not be coming back. While I empathise with the character over her loss, what she has done since has totally diminished any of my feelings of compassion for the character.

I agree that the big baby parantage reveal will have to happen and soon...but alas how they have it set up it probably will not happen for a while unless something happens to Grace. Sydney is still living with one of her biological parents, so I suspect that there will be a scare for her...where she ends up getting sick...where Nicole is in a panic that her secret will be revealed...however, it will be something that can be taken care of with EJ. Thereby creating more angst in the soap. IMHO

In terms of Nicole exposing that Grace is not Sami's child...well....everybody already knows that since Sami claimed to have adopted her from some woman. So it will probably be unlikely that things will go down in this manner.

IMO I feel that something will happen to both Grace and Sydney at different points in time. But it will be the sl with Grace that will send Sami and Rafe off to do some investigating (kinda reminds me of Jack and Jennifer stuff). In that way Nicole will be revealed for all of her sins committed and it will be another long and protracted sl in order for Sami to actually get her child back from the DiMera's. Perhaps, her struggle to get Sydney back will open up new doors for an Ejami sl.

Perhaps the stuff that Stefano knows has nothing to do with the baby napping but more to do with Tony and Nicole's role. It is my feverent wish that Stefano takes Nicole down! I would love to see some stuff on that.

AH welll....
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