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Apr 16 2009, 12:17 AM
"We've ramped up the speed of our storytelling to make it more of a day-to-day must see,"says Executive Producer Ken Corday. "We are burning story at a faster pace. Secrets are exposed and smashed, and romances blossom."

Why is Corday the one giving these interviews? Higley's been with this show for a year now and I think she's given one interview. One! She's the head writer for Christ's sakes! She needs to be the one taking credit for what we're seeing on-screen. And if she's not the one that's responsible for the stories that are playing out, then demote her from the head writer position and fill it with whomever is responsible. At least, thenn, we'll know exacly who to blame for the shit we get.

DiMera/Brady Feud:"The blood feud continues. Brady wants no part of it. The darker side of Phillip emerges and Stephanie wants no part of it. Victor and Phillip arrange to have Stefano kidnapped, he is held for ransom. EJ arranges to have Stephanie kidnapped as a tit for tat. Owen (Wes Ramsey, the gardener) pops into this and is EJ's employ. In a heroic move, Phillip saves Stephanie. He also proposes.

I'm going to assume that's supposed to be Kiriakis and not Brady. While I totally understand the writers writing Brady as wanting no part of the family war, I do have to wonder if he should be choosing the Kiriakis side due to his wanting Nicole and she's married to a DiMera. You would think he would allign himself with the Kiriakis family to bring down the DiMeras and get Nicole.

Okay. We already know that Stephanie doesn't approve of Philip's darker side, if you can call it that even. We get it. I do like the idea of Stephanie getting involved by being kidnapped by the DiMeras in retaliation for Stefano being kidnapped by Victor and Philip. The only thing that sucks about this angle now is that Steve and Kayla are no longer here. Having Stephanie getting hurt in this war would have been the best way to reopen the conflict between Steve and Victor. Sadly, Steve and Kayla got the boot before we could get to this point.

EJ/Sami/Rafe:Sami realizes EJ is always going to be a threat to her, so she goes to Rafe, they declare their love and consumate their love. Rafe volunteers to be a surrogate father to Grace taking us into June, where tragedy awaits all three of them.

I'm an EJ and Sami fan, so I don't like that they're just stating that EJ is a threat to Sami. They're a threat to each other and that should be showcased instead of it being evil EJ being a threat to "good" Sami. Been down that road and it turned out horribly. I am looking forward to whatever tragedy occurs. Hopefully, it will lead to the truth being revealed. Maybe?

Nicole/EJ:The honeymoon is over when EJ starts to investigate Dr. Baker. Nicole tries to get him to leave town, but he takes a nasty fall after a heated confrontation with her. She'll also have bigger problems: "It becomes clear that Stefano knows a lot more than he let on."

I knew this would happen. Dr. Baker would either end up dead or in a coma. I'm going to assume that the nasty fall leads to a coma, which gives Nicole more time to keep her secret to herself.

It would be great if Stefano had known the truth all along, but on the other side, I don't think Stefano would allow Nicole to get away with something like this, duping the entire DiMera family.

Bo/Hope:They have found new ground and are happy. Bo will have a mysterious vision about Ciara, but this is an extremely slow build. This story won't play out heavily until June.

Okay. If they don't have a storyline until June, why are they being mentioned in the May sweeps spoilers?? I can't believe they're still going through with the vision storyline. Who is a fan of this shit? Who?!

Chelsea/Max:Billie is an a automobile accident in England teetering between live and death. Chelsea goes to her, but will return having decided to go to medical school in England. Max will leave town with her and they have their happily ever after off screen.

Blah. Boring exit. Oh well. I'll miss both character, but this writing team couldn't write shit for them, so I'm glad to see them leave. I would rather not see them than see them being destroyed.

Daniel/Chloe/Kate:Kate rips into Daniel and Chloe and confronts them about the affair. She agrees to keep quiet, but her revenge plan is far from over.

So Kate finally tells Daniel and Chloe that she knows, yet the revenge angle is still going on? Jesus! :shame: :sleep:

I love your post!!!!!!!!! I agree with you wholeheartedly!!!!!!
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