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Apr 19 2009, 07:17 PM
This falls back to double standards IMO. EJ is ordering hits, having people beat up, and has countless things on his rap sheet. I love Ejole and feel that its ironic that Nicole is asked to be hung out and dried while EJ is being granted a free past to "explore his dark side" and still find true love. If there was anyone who should be forgiven, it's EJ. Let's be truthful here. Who in Salem besides a selective few hasn't done something totally horrible? EJ, Sami, Lucas, and Nicole are all cut from the same cloth. Heck, Sami even sold Belle on the black market not to mention some of the other things she's done over the years. I'll be the first to admit that Nicole has done wrong. But, to put a halo over everyone's else's head but brand Nicole with the scarlet letter is a double standard. I guess right now Nicole is "exploring her dark side" like EJ is exploring his.
I don't think anyone is putting a halo on anyone's head. However, I do detest the WRITERS choice to use this particular sl! The SL smacks of circa 1980's. This is not a beef about the characters this is taking issue with the writers. I guess I am not understanding the tone or rationale of your post. If I have misinterpreted please excuse. But do understand that as a long time viewer of Days I am invested in the entire show...I have more of an issue with the writers then I do with the actual characters...
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