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Apr 19 2009, 12:36 PM
She does love him, she is just in major denial because she knows she should not want to love him.

How long has that argument been going on? Since day one of the storyline through Lucas, Nicole, and Rafe this has been said about Sami. I agree with the poster that said Sami is in love with herself. As for Sami not admitting it, she did tell EJ that a part of her will always love him. I just can't remember what episode it was. So, she has admitted that she had feelings for EJ. If feelings don't go away overnight, I guess that means that she still loves Lucas who she's been involved with since she was a teenager. :dance: I've been jigging for months now since the baby switch storyline, Ejole, Phillip/Stephanie, Brady/Rafe"s introduction to the show, and the Kiriakis/Dimera feud. IMO, these stories are a thousands time more interesting than the likes of an EJ/Sami pairing or anymore of that Santos/Colleen crap which proved to be a ratings disaster a couple of summers ago.
She does love Lucas. As a friend.

When was the last time she and Lucas were together? The last time they even kissed was when she was dreaming of kissing EJ.

So no, she does not still love Lucas. That ship has sailed.

It is definitely now between EJ and Rafe. As EJ is both unavailable and under the spell of his father, Rafe will be who she turns to, for now.

Since we know nothing of Rafe or his background at this moment, we will wait and see what dark secrets from his past arise. And I'm sure there will be some.
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