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I was going to analyze story by story but the hell with that LOL. It all sounds good but the Bope stuff. I just want to see them involved with the Kiriakis/Dimera stuff. It seems at least Bo is in the next week or so but I hope they play them in that more then the visions junk. Having said that, this does support what I and others have been saying. There has to be some long-term purpose to the visions story. They have kept this going for 6 months and now Corday is hinting at it really playing big from June on so, as shitty as it is, I'm intrigued to see where the hell they are going with this. There has to be a plan if they are keeping it going rather then dropping it. So many people have panned it that the fact it's still going has to mean it's headed somewhere. It may end up being shitty but I give them props for not doing what they did in the past and just dropping the story. We'll see what happens but kudos for consistency. I do have some hope for the vision Bo has of Ciara. That interests me because my hope is that it means maybe the Dimera's kidnap her to get back at the Kiriakis family since Bo is one of them. That would be a nice way to get Bo and Hope active in the feud story and to make the visions story worth a damn since it's far too isolated.

Speaking of isolated, I really wish they would somehow tie the Lucas/Chloe/Dan/Kate stuff to the other main stories. Outside of Lucas and Sami sharing scenes or Chloe and Nicole sharing scenes or Kate sharing scenes with Philip or Victor, the story is in it's own bubble. Just like the Bo/Hope story, I would like this story tied to the other stories too. The show has done a fine job of bringing the community feel back and intersecting the baby switch story, the Stephanie/Philip/Melanie stuff, the feud, etc, all into one story so to get the other stories tied into this would be great.

The Kiriakis/Dimera feud sounds fantastic. I've wanted it for years and I hope it continues to play out well because it's fulfilling my expectations thus far. My only concern is Philip proposing to Stephanie. That is a little soon but I'm not going to worry yet since back in February there were spoilers all over the place that suggested they would have sex back then and it did not happen until just last week so I will wait and see how everything goes. It could just be him proposing and it going nowhere.

Love the sound of the Rafe/Sami/EJ/Nicole stuff. The Nicole/Baker stuff sounds awesome. I just pray they don't get rid of Baker. He's great. I do like this though. The story needs more buildup and more lies for Nicole will help that. I don't think the baby is alive. My feeling is that Stefano knows what she did. Maybe he was testing her all this time for some reason or maybe he said nothing because he prefers her over Sami since Nicole actually lets him play a role in his grandchildren's life and she doesn't get too involved with his and EJ's affairs. We'll see but very interesting.

I adore Rafe and Sami so I'm happy. I don't think they will kill Grace, although it would fit with Ali saying there was some heavy drama on the way but that could be alluding to other things and I don't think they have started taping June yet and that is when the tragedy is supposed to happen. I keep thinking the baby will need blood or perhaps an organ or something and that brings everything out in the open. This makes me think we will see things setting up to be revealed around Wimbledon. The cliffhanger this year could be the truth about to come out. I've been hoping they do that. I've always felt the right time to reveal the whole baby switch would be around late June/early July. It sets the summer up well and it could really sky rocket Days ratings with kids officially out of school by then.

I will say there is one thing I would like IF they ever did it. I don't like killing children, especially babies, but I do think it would be pretty dramatic and pretty well-done if they had Grace die and had a scene where Nicole is seeing Sami grieve a child that isn't even her's (perhaps at the funeral so that the whole cast can be in attendance to setup the dramatic moment). In that moment, Nicole remembers her own pain when she lost her child and decides she can't keep the baby away from Sami any longer and that this is all wrong. Nicole could then just come clean right then and there. That would be a major turning point for Nicole. It would show growth and would redeem her with many people. I think it would make for a great scene and would be a nice way to reveal it all instead of the same old, traditional reveal. I know some may feel it's anti-climactic but I disagree. It would be different and would be a great moment IMO. I don't see it happening but I would totally love it.

I look forward to Kate confronting Daniel and Chloe. It seems that story won't see much focus, which is fine because it's been played heavily since the year started. I just look forward to seeing where it goes.

Max and Chelsea...I could care less about. I like Chelsea going to medical school. It's clear Chelsea's original exit was just her going to see Billie. To me, the show clearly thought she may come back soon or they would've never had Chelsea exit like that since having her leave like that basically is not the proper exit if someone is going and not coming back anytime soon. Anyway, they got bailed out a bit since Darin is leaving too so now it all ends up playing like a long-term exit anyway. No doubt they had to bring Rachel back as Chelsea to tie up Darin's run as Max. I don't think she was ever meant to return like that. It does irk me that Max and Chelsea of all people get a happy ending because I went from being ok with them to being down on them big time but it is sort of fitting. The two of them came on together practically and now they leave together. Oh well. They've been barely on so it won't hurt as much as it would've a year ago.

All in all, these sound very good. Very sweeps-worthy and sounds like a great setup for summer. One thing I do like is how the show this year has really had at least one big story twist/event a month. That is why I think it's doing well in the ratings and with many fans. January had the J&M climax and the actual baby switch. February had the apartment explosion which led to Kate learning the truth and Chloe ending things with Daniel. March had the buildup to the Dimera/Kiriakis feud with Tony's death, Sami's return, and had Lucas and Chloe marrying. April has EJ and Nicole's wedding and Philip's shooting amping up the feud. Now, May seems to have several big things with the feud. The show has done a good job of not having too many filler or setup weeks. They are making sure things happen everyday and that things stay interesting. Kudos to them.
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