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Apr 19 2009, 06:29 PM
Apr 19 2009, 06:15 PM
I read somewhere there was some casting going on for a guy and he read the lines opposite Melanie. This actor looks the right age, older than Will/Mia and younger than Phillip/Brady, so I would guess he is the one.

Btw, doktor Richman??? Good one TPTB. With name like that Iīm willing to bet the character will be freshman just from university, totally poor and with debts everywhere.
I think you're right.


Here's another actor auditioning.
This scene is with Melanie's character.
Thanks. But now seeing it this "Nathan" part probably isnīt the Dr. Richman unless the script the actor reads is completely fictional.

Anyway, assuming itīs true there were a lot of interesting information in it. First, seems TPTB will fullfill wish of many here and they plan to bring some Horton back. The Nathan character seems to be a perfect Horton o him falling for Melanie, the worst girl in Salem makes a perfect soapy sense and promises a lot of conflict.

Another thing, apparently Mel will be Phillipīs girlfriend at the time, for some yet unknown reason. I think thatīs where the triangle wil heat up as promissed. Itīs probably some Phillipīs scheme how to protect Steph as the writing for them is getting stronger and stronger and after seeing friday and today I have no doubt Tomlin wants them to be another big DAYS couple. Having to slit but still stay in love with each other is right from DAYS couple writing 101.

My last comment, it was weird to hear all the Melanisque lines but without all the energy and personality Molly is able to infuse into the character. It really shows why she got the part.
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