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Apr 20 2009, 10:46 AM
while I love the Nicole character, I hate what they have made her into. She is suppose to be a villianess, not a whinning heroine. Don't get me wrong, I love Sami too, but like it or not she has been set up to become the next Marlana. The show has to have a main character that nothing can go right for, and that is her. Marlana spent years looking for her true love, and having it snatched away from her. Not to mention dealing with the evil Stefano. But that was why this show use to be number one. Gone are the times when the characters where dragged to islands unknown and held captive until their knight in shining armour saved them. Those stories were made for good soap operas. We watched them as an escape from real life. They weren't this could every happen in real life stories!! That is what days needs to go back to. Whether you like it or not Sami is the new heroine of this show and make Nicole that character potrayal would be a severe disservice to the acting abilities of Zucker.
Maybe you are right about Sami being the new Marlena but IMO the problem with that is that people really only liked Sami when she was the underdog/secondary character. Sami as the female lead and center of a romantic triangle just didn't work,

I don't see Nicole as a whining heroine at all. IMO Nicole is a strong, intelligent pro-active schemer whose survival instincts tend to lead her to do things she should not.and even though I don't like what Nicole is doing I find that Nicole is the character that is driving the only storyline I'm interested in.

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