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I wish the writers had thought this sl out a bit more and really did some character development around the motivations of Nicole and the hard choice it must have been for her to steal a baby. I think that this is what is lacking in this sl...IMHO. I need to be able to feel for Nicole and the bad choice she made. But nooooooo I as a viewer was robbed of that because they made it into a sl about keeping a man...where no conscience of the character was displayed. It would have been something if the writers had decided to ensure that we the viewer knew how bad she felt and at the same time how necessary it was for her to steal this baby. Maybe Nicole having a mini breakdown would have been good...something along the lines of a Sheila sl of Y & R. Sadly what the writers have done was simply to have Nicole steal the baby while at the same time she kept her pettiness....So I as a viewer feel no sympathy for and just want her to fry for her sins.

Come on Days writers bring the emotion to the soap cause quite frankly what you are giving me smacks of triteness and unbelievability.
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