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Apr 20 2009, 08:39 PM
I don't think anyone is putting a halo on anyone's head. However, I do detest the WRITERS choice to use this particular sl! The SL smacks of circa 1980's. This is not a beef about the characters this is taking issue with the writers. I guess I am not understanding the tone or rationale of your post. If I have misinterpreted please excuse. But do understand that as a long time viewer of Days I am invested in the entire show...I have more of an issue with the writers then I do with the actual characters...

Let me clear it up here for you. EJ/Nicole/Sami have ALL done some hideous, cruel things to other characters on the show. All three of them. I'm a big Nicole supporter as well as an Ejole supporter. My point is this. It's like having three bank robbers. You can't put one in jail and set the other two free. They are ALL guilty. That's how I view this situation. You can't hang Nicole out to dry and condemn her to eternal damnation while you have other people on the show who have committed just as many vile crimes as she has. I'm not going to whitewash Nicole's crimes anymore than I'm going to whitewash EJ's. They're tit for tat in that aspect. Two damaged souls who met/fell in love. Aside from Arianne Zucker/James Scott's explosive chemistry, their character's actions/motivations make them so suited for one another. EJ/Nicole Dimera are a force to be reckoned with. EJ and Nicole would not have to change. He doesn't have to be reformed and play house everyday and be Sami's whipping boy while she's in "denial". Heard that one two many times. Nicole wouldn't have to be the girl next door. The characters could maintain who and what they are. Nicole is no saint by any means nor would I ever want her to be. That's what makes the character so fascinating; she's multifaceted. Neither is EJ a saint and I wouldn't dream of changing him for nothing. Nicole/EJ can tame the dark side together. IMO, there is a big storyline potential with EJ/Nicole. As much as I like having Brady thrown into the mix, I think that Ejole should be the ultimate pairing. Cause once they send EJ to be with Sami or Nicole to be with Brady with their white picket fences, the show is over/storylines will stagnate. Curtains down. :soapbox:
I was going to say something but then I stumbled over your post and lo and behold you said it all! Thanks Lazydazes!

OK, I was seriously disappointed that no one was able to wipe that smug look of St.Sami's face. She's been asking for it by just about every unlucky Salemite that has had the misfortune to cross her path. Her self righteous sense of entitlement is just nauseating. I can't believe that this character is supposed to be a grown woman much less the mother of 4!

I loved the wedding! The interruptions, EJ's vows and Phillips getting shot all added classic soapy goodness to the surprise end: EJ AND NICOLE GOT MARRIED!

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