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I loved the wedding! The interruptions, EJ's vows and Phillips getting shot all added classic soapy goodness to the surprise end: EJ AND NICOLE GOT MARRIED!

:cheer: Hip hip hooray!EJ/Nicole's nuptials have to be the most entertaining I've seen. I loved it all. We still got Sami spitting out of both sides of her mouth. This time Rafe/EJ are the lucky contenders in Sami's revolving world of "denial". Shoot, if she doesn't have this all figured out by now she never will. Let's stop kidding ourselves. Sami is supposed to be an adult here. Yet, she's sitting in a church with a sick baby so that she can "demand" the truth from EJ. What is she some soothsayer or something? Give me a break. She's so full of herself that I'm surprised that she hasn't floated away. My big question is this: why is EJ being Grace's father the ace card? Doesn't she already have Johnny: I forgot. She played that ace card when she was "torn" between Lucas/EJ. What the h**l difference does two children make instead of one? Speaking of Johnny, where in the heck is Allie? Hello, :wave: Sami where are your other children? She needs to purchase a triple stroller so she can at least spend time with ALL of her kids. She should never accuse Nicole of using a kid to try and hold on to a man. Cause that is definitely what she's doing with Grace: trying to hold on to EJ. Will may as well return to Carrie/Austin since he's only become the twin's babysitter 24/7. Shoot, I :drunk: I'm seriously getting off topic here. Sorry. Anyways, today's episode was a blast! I loved the wedding, Phillip's shooting, and Victor's wrath. It couldn't get any better than this.
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