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Ali Sweeney, James Scott and Galen Gering are interviewed by SOD and SOW this week.

[Note: SOD and SOW each feature only one Days story article this week, on this story. Therefore this will be the only Days magazine summary post this week.]

Sami and Rafe almost make love, but they're interrupted by EJ. First, Sami asks Rafe not to leave Salem. Ali Sweeney points out that Sami doesn't resort to manipulation, as she once would have. Rather, "[Sami] acknowledges she was taking advantage of his kindness and willingness to help her protect Grace but was shutting him down when it didn't suit her."

Sami tells Rafe how much she cares for him, and as Galen Gering says, "it reaches him deeply." Rafe misses his flight, and he goes back to Sami's apartment. Gering explains that Rafe is "carrying Sami off to the bedroom, when there's a freakin' knock at the door". Sami thinks it's Will, so she goes to open the door, but it's EJ. Sweeney says that EJ "has this lame excuse for why he's knocking on her door": he's brought preschool applications for Johnny. James Scott discusses the fact that EJ has thoughts of Sami even when he's making love to Nicole. "Does he have unresolved feelings for Sami? Of course he does. He was in love with her." Scott continues that initially, the reason EJ started "dallying around" with Nicole was to get Sami jealous, but regarding whether EJ is in love with Sami now, "I don't know if it's that formulated in [EJ's] mind."

Rafe and Sami are both "disheveled", and Rafe tries to put his shirt on. Rafe goes to take a phone call, and EJ talks to Sami about her having interrupted his wedding. Sweeney says that EJ tells Sami that "this is just a rebound relationship, and everybody knows it except Rafe". Sweeney continues that Sami is "frustrated", because she can't tell EJ the real reason she interrupted the wedding, which was to tell him about Grace.

Rafe overhears their conversation, and as Gering says, "He thinks, 'Wow! EJ is right!'" Rafe asks EJ to leave, and then he asks Sami what her feelings are for EJ. Sweeney says that "Sami insists she only has feelings for Rafe, but [Rafe] isn't satisfied with her answers and storms off. The romantic mood is ruined."

Later, Rafe has a reunion with Arianna, and Sami overhears Rafe's telling Arianna that he loves her and that, as SOW puts it, "no one will ever take her place in his heart". Sweeney says that "Sami's there to be the brave one and put her feelings for Rafe out there." Even though Sami is "feeling rejected" after hearing Rafe and Arianna's conversation, "she isn't going to run off. She decides to confront Rafe".

Meanwhile, as SOD explains, Nicole "gets the sense that her hubby's mind is on Sami - and makes plans to do something about it".

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