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Well, I'm looking forward to this. Then again, I actually give a damn about Rafe and Sami so there you go. It sounds like classic soap with them trying to get romantic but the interruptions keep coming. I'm glad the baby switch is not over because there is still more to build. For example, they really have to sell EJ and Sami's feelings for each other a bit more because so much of 2007 and 2008 was wishy-washy so the strong connection needs to be built up more. This will help that along. Plus, I can't wait to see what Nicole will do. Adding more schemes and lies to the mix will only make the payoff better IMO.

As for Arianna, they've been smart with her. She has been nothing but an extra up until now in the way they've used her and she has not been all over he place like many spoilers had suggested she would be. She will help in developing Rafe and I feel learning more about him and his past is necessary. Then again, I like Rafe as a character so that is why LOL. I just hope she is his sister and not a girlfriend. That is what I thought she was to him initially and I think she could be a great sounding board for him.
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