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Apr 22 2009, 11:28 AM
Apr 22 2009, 11:23 AM
Apr 22 2009, 11:11 AM
The Mia stuff is just more buildup. Shocked that they didn't even toss a blurb about Nicole in these previews since her and her story were so big in the SOD previews but these are just that...blurbs. I think that is why there are no direct quotes, unlike when Ken Corday gave them in SOD. That and the fact that I've felt all along that Dena is not really the HW anymore. I think she is just HW in name only and is just the third wheel while Tomlin and Whitesell control the story of the show. I suspect that is why there are no direct quotes and we simply have blurbs from 'Dena Higley and the writing team." Normally, a show does not hide their HW and at least will distinguish their position but that has not happened here and has not happened in a long time. Even in the Fall and 2009 previews for SOW, we had a similar situation here. She had a big interview in April 2008 when she was officially confirmed as HW coming out of the strike. Then, she gave out previews during the blackout story in July 2008 and I think she did another interview that had copy and pasted quotes from her later in summer. Otherwise, we've had nothing else. She hasn't even blogged since Fall when Tomlin and Whitesell came on board.
If that's the case, then fire her! What are TPTB worried about? Public backlash?! Um, I'm pretty sure not a single damn fan is going to be upset that Dena Higley was fired. They'll cheer it on. And if you are right that Tomlin and Whitesell are the ones dishing out most of this garbage, then Higley needs to be fired so Whitesell can take over the head writer position so that the fans can start blaming the person supposedly responsible.
In my honest opinion, I think Higley is only there to please Corday or keep him from interfering....its obvious that he loves Higley, so Tomlin/Whitesell probably just keep her on the show so Corday will be happy....other than that, I really don't think Higley has any power, its all Tomlin/Whitesell....I honestly forget she's still here at times.
That is the only reasoning I could come up with. I think that was probably the only way they could keep Corday away so she just stays on and does whatever they don't do or get to LOL. I have a feeling that once Tomlin and Whitesell feel secure enough with the show and it's position, they will push Corday to drop her and he will, assuming he will be impressed with where the show is at that moment.
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