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Apr 22 2009, 11:01 AM
That must be the guy we were all talking about in the other thread that was called "Nathan." He seemed to be a Horton and possibly Jeremy and the fact that the character is 25 means it could very well be. I think this casting will make alot of people happy since it could be a Horton and it helps Melanie out. I still don't think she is through with Philip but I think this will add an important element to her part in the story.

I was expecting the father of Mia's baby to show up and to play a part in the eventual reveal so no shock there. I don't expect that character to be long-term.
I definitely agree....I've been waiting for Grace's father to show up for awhile....and I will be shocked if he's around long, actually. I definitely expected the father to be a bad boy, and for some reason I see him causing some trouble, and then dying or making some kind of exit....thats the main reason I wouldn't want him as an established character.

And I am hoping this "Nathan" is a Horton, maybe even Jeremy...but WHY couldn't the show have casted Wes Ramsey as Jeremy, still had him doing his work for the DiMera's, but then also grow close to Melanie AND get drawn back to Stephanie or something like that....I really think they could have spared us another new character and made things more interesting if Ramsey had been Jeremy, but thats just me.
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