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I just don't think it matters a whit if the guy is Jeremy or some other unnamed Horton. When Jeremy was on before he had almost no interaction with any members of the Horton family and mostly what I remember reading is how he didn't look like he could be Mike and Robin's son (which I won't really dispute) and how he didn't act like a Horton.

It just seems to me that if they bring on somebody that has to be a member of some family, then there are all these preconceived notions of how that character should be before the character is ever given a chance to develop. It sets up for a whole lot of "I just can imagine that the child of __________ would ever be like this."

Like I said, if I thought they would use history and family connections to develop the character at all, I would probably agree with you more. But they don't, so I think it's almost better not to go down that road. You can create connections to the canvas without making somebody related to half the town. And recent history has proven that even when you make somebody related to half the town, it doesn't mean people are going to care about them. If anything it seems to make it more likely they are going to pre-judge and dislike the character for not fitting the image somebody had of who that character should be.
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