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Nicole Dimera
Apr 22 2009, 11:58 AM
Please get Nicole out of this triangle. I've had enough. If EJ wants to chase after Sami while she continues to diss him then more power to him. Nicole is a loser right now trying to hold on to a man who does not truly love her. She has a guy that's crazy about her and she lets him go for EJ.
I couldn't agree with this more. She has a history with Brady and obviously still cares deeply for him, as he does her (despite all of the crap that happened between them in the past). Hanging on to this hope of having a life with EJ is only delaying the inevitable and further digging her grave. At least if she were to start a life with Brady she wouldn't have to constantly deal with the emotional neurosis she exhibits with EJ chasing Sami around, the constant fear of being found out and Brady will be her support system once the truth does come out.

At this point she is obsessing over Sami as much as EJ and it is just annoying. YES - we get that you two don't like each other and think of eachother as {insert expletive of choice}. Move on from this tired ass crap already! Hell, it seems like in the beginning of their relationship, they both pursued one another to drive Sami insane. How can you honestly continue to get angry at her coming between the two of you when both of you put her at the center of your relationship in the first place?

And seriously - WHY did she even go through with the wedding when the groom was not even sure about wanting to marry her in the first place? She kept begging him to save their relationship and all the while he was willing to discard her like a piece of trash at the drop of a hat. It took Sami doing something he didn't approve of for him to finally decide if he wanted marry her or not!

She is going to be kicking herself for letting Brady go if he decides to move on. Not only did he know her secret and was willing to help her no matter what the cost, he has experienced first hand some of the nasty things she is capable of and still loves her. She thinks of herself as so unlovable yet there is a man who knows all there is to know and still wants to be with her. What she wants is right there in front of her. Why she continues to push this thing with EJ when he obviously does not reciprocate her feelings is beyond me.

All that being said, I'm really not surprised though that the writing makes little to no sense. The writers need to understand that the more you stretch things within an inch of their life, pissing viewers off with this annoying, non-sensical behavior - the less excited we will be about the "payoff."
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