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Apr 22 2009, 03:57 PM
Apr 22 2009, 02:52 PM
The thing is, I'm not sure Jeremy would be the right guy anyway. First off, last we heard he was on the run from the cops and now he would be in med school? Granted, it's not the most outrageous thing the show has done (even this week) but it is still a stretch. Secondly, he was supposed to be somewhat older than Stephanie when he was on the show before (he'd already served as a pilot in Iraq, had his long criminal history, etc.) so I don't think Jeremy fits the age range. Doesn't mean it's not another Horton, or a recast, completely revised Jeremy. But, right now, the information doesn't seem to fit.
I donīt know why people think he is Jeremy. He could be anyone. Heck, the last time we saw Mike was in late 90īs, so this guy could be easily his son. Or for all we know Jack Deveraux Jr. There is a whole generation they can jump over and just introduce whoever they want.

They could even create a brand new Horton, a la Nick as well.
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