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I figured out how to embed the new 'xtranormal' videos...


If the video URL is http://www.xtranormal.com/watch?e=20090423184814819

Go to the video page and copy the embedding code, on the right where it says "embed our player". It will look something like:

<embed src = "http://www.xtranormal.com/players/jwplayer.swf" width = "500" height = "350" allowscriptaccess = "always" allowfullscreen = "true" flashvars = "height=350&width=500&file=http://tmpvideo.xtranormal.com/highres/20090423/0581712e-3051-11de-bb57-003048d6740d_5.flv&image=http://tmpvideo.xtranormal.com/highres/20090423/0581712e-3051-11de-bb57-003048d6740d_5_0.jpg&searchbar=false&autostart=false"></embed>

To embed it here, use the following:


The numbers after the word 'flash' come from the width and height in the embedding code.

The part after ?file= comes from the embedding code you cut and pasted, starting at &file= and ending with .flv

The part after &image= comes from the &image= part of the code you cut and pasted. (If you leave this out, it will work but just start with a black screen).

When you embed it, it will look as follows:

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