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im tired of this EJ/Nicole/Sami BS...i really dont give a crap about Sami...she can get knocked up again for all i care..I actually feel bad for Allison for having to play such a messed up character. The writers have completley destroyed her character. Sami has no dignity left in her. FOr god sake's her own kids are like WTF is worng with u. Will..is sick of her shit..and thats y hes always like WTF r u upto now. Ali and Johnny are 80% of the time with someone else. and Grace isnt even her kid. god..it makes me so mad. Sami could have such a better storyline instead of this EJ bullsh*t..its starting to get B-O-R-I-N-G.

I hear Grace is gonna die..or something along those lines. God...poor AS for having to play such a fucked up character.

Im sick of Sami running back to douche bag EJ...i like EJ with nIcole..she acutally loves him..which is sad cuz she has no idea what EJ is capable of..while Sami does. Brady loves Nicole so much..hes her BFF for gods sakes! Ej is starting to annoy me. I hat ehow hes running back to Sami..Nicole isnt an idiot..shes far from that. Shes got alot more scheming capacity than Sami does..and she noes when to call it quits...when Sami doesnt. Sami is so screwed up with her miserable life..that shes running after EJ AND RAFE cuz she cant take care of herself..heck..Rafe had to get her groceries??

WTF..thats all i can say.
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